A Community Church

A Community Church is an inclusive, interdenominational congregation that grows out of the hopes, needs, and aspirations of the community. It is neither planted nor transplanted from the outside but a native product of the life of the community.

A Community Church serves all the community and claims the whole of the community as its parish. It welcomes all who love Jesus Christ into its fellowship and membership, regardless of sect or denomination or race, and urges "Let all who love the Lord come" join us in Holy Communion regardless of other affiliations.

A Community Church is self-determining in governance, relying on the Holy Spirit working through its structures, and assuming at the local level of responsibility for its life and work. In all of its life together a Community Church seeks to employ the wisdom that says, "In essentials, unity, in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity."

A Community Church does not live to itself, but, recognizing that it is part of "The Church," is in fellowship with all other churches of Christ. It yearns for the unity of Christendom and labors earnestly for that end. In worship and service it practices ecumenicity, believing that Christians ought to worship and serve God together and find inspiration rather than division in diversity of theological opinion and biblical interpretation.

Church Membership

To become a member of River Hills Community Church, candidates have to agree to:

  • Be willing to live as Jesus' disciple in your personal life and through the ministries and benevolences of this church.
  • Indicate your desire to join by speaking to one of our ministers, or by indicating your interest on the "friendship pad" available in all worship services.
  •  Participate in an upcoming New Members Class (Starting Point) taught by one or more of our ministers. Classes are offered periodically throughout the year.

In your walk with Christ, you have to start somewhere! At RHCC, the first step is easy and could change your life.If you’re new to RHCC, have been visiting or are ready to take the plunge and become a part of this ecumenical church family, we invite you to our Starting Point Class to join us for lunch and fellowship following our 10:30 a.m. worship (date TBA) . Members of the church staff will be present, and you’ll get a quick and informative overview of who we are as a unique interdenominational body of faith. Our great child care will be available also. Please call the church office at 831-1615 if you would like to attend the next class. It may be the start of one of the most important chapters of your life!



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