Our Missions Committee consists of people with unique gifts, united in the desire and determination to help people in need, while reaching out to bring people to God. While lending support with heart, hands, and money, one compelling goal is to find and serve the needy, sharing the love of God with them.

Who is presently serving? The Missions Committee consists of 9 members, confirmed by the congregation, who agree to serve for a three year term. Every year, three of them rotate out. Additionally, church members volunteer to be our liaisons with the agencies we are serving (Missions Team) and to make recommendations to the Missions Committee.

2017 - Chair, Sherri McKinney, David Parsons, Penny McClure (Outreach Team)

2018 - Bev Thompson (Outreach Team), Leah Youngblood, Fred Wetherell

2019 - Lisa Nichols, Leigh Ann Cooper, Jan Parmley

Who are we helping?



Clover Area Assistance Center

True Word of God

Sherry Nelson

People Attempting To Help

Mark Woolery

God's Kitchen + Lighthouse Ministry

Children's Attention Home

Pilgrim's Inn

Sherry McKinney

Palmetto Pregnancy Center

Sandy Shaffer

Bible Study Release Time

Adult Enrichment Center York Cty

Ellen Gillis

Safe Summer Camp

Sherry Nelson

Habitat for Humanity

Tina & Rob Rosenberger

Kenya Orphanage Project

Monique Boekhout

Time for Christ Medical Missions

David Parsons

Wycliffe Translation Global Alliance

Charles Ford

In addition to the above, River Hills Community Church also supports two full-time missionary families; the Clark Family with Wycliff in Waxhaw and the Renner Family serving in the Middle East. Short-time mission trips, disaster relief and foreign programs/facilities also receive financial support when needed.

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