Our Core Values


... the church teaching people to live like Christ.

We fulfill the commission of Jesus to reach people for Him

by making disciples and teaching them

to obey all which He has commanded.


... the church expressing honor and love to God.

We believe in offering varied opportunities

for people to come together to share and celebrate

the love of Christ in worship.


... the church serves by meeting the needs of people.

We believe in offering Christ-centered pastoral care

to the people of the

Lake Wylie community and surrounding region.

 Missions and Outreach

... the church in the world redeems and reclaims humanity and society.

We believe in providing outreach programs and services

to meet the needs of the diverse community

as guided by our Christian beliefs.


... the authentic community where people can love and be loved.

We believe in extending the love of Jesus Christ

through our fellowship with one another.


... programs and ministries, facilities and staff help

hold together the body.

We accept our call to provide the ministries and programs needed to fulfill the demands of a growing church,

community, and region.


  We believe the CHURCH exists in the WORLD


to WIN people to Christ

and to DISCIPLE people in Christ.

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