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River Hills Community Church Preschool

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Choosing a school for your child can be a hair-raising time for a great many parents. After all, children are our most precious gifts from God and so it is only natural that we would want the best for them. The learning environment at RHCC Preschool is handcrafted to weave together the latest research on children's development, the best techniques for Preschool instruction as well as the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. The result is a unique experience for your youngster.

Just come in the doors and see the magnificent facilities. The Preschool at River Hills Community Church has traditional classrooms, multi-purpose rooms and a full-sized gymnasium for play on cold and rainy days. For active boys and girls, this space is a HUGE blessing!

As nice as the facilities are, the staff is what makes the Preschool so special a place. Directed by Katherine Hinson, (Employed since 2000 as Preschool then Director, with a B.S. and M.S.). The entire staff at RHCC Preschool is committed to seeing children grow, learn and develop with excellence.

Here at River Hills Community Church Preschool, we recognize that a half-day Preschool isn't ideal for every family. At the same time, we remain committed to a shorter school day because we believe it provides for both corporate learning as well as that all-important family time. Family time during these ages is so crucial to emotional growth and development. Pair deliberate family time alongside the Preschool's outstanding educational and development programs and your child will soar in school! Our expectations are for high parental involvement.

"Behold, children are a gift from the Lord." Psalms 127:3
"Come children, listen to me and I will teach you to love the Lord." Psalms 34:11

The mission of River Hills Community Church Preschool is to convey God's love, as it is revealed to us through Jesus Christ, to young children by providing an environment that encourages each child's growth spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively.


Monday - Friday
9:00am - 12:00pm

Lunch Bunch
12:00pm - 1:00pm

2016-2017 Registration: We are currently accepting 2, 3 and 4 year olds. Please call today!
2016-2017 River Hills Community Church Preschool Fees

Age Registration/Supply Fee Monthly Hours Hourly

(One-Time) Tuition Per Rate

(Non-Refundable ) (9 Months) Month Per Month

2's (2 days)----$120.00-----------------------------$180.00-----------24------------$7.50

2's (3 days)----$120.00-----------------------------$200.00-----------36------------$5.55

3's (4 days)----$120.00-----------------------------$225.00-----------48------------$4.68

3's (5 days)----$120.00-----------------------------$245.00-----------60------------$4.08

4's (4 days)----$120.00-----------------------------$225.00-----------48------------$4.68

4's (5 days)----$120.00-----------------------------$245.00-----------60------------$4.08

Registration Fee (one time/non-refundable) ---------- $120.00
Registration Fee is Non-Refundable
September Payment Due May 1st-Non-Refundable

Click here to view our: 2016 - 2017 Calendar
Click here to view our Preschool Policies and Procedures Manual 2016 - 2017

We keep our teacher to student ratio low to assure maximum individual attention:
2's- -1 teacher to 5 or 6 children (Not to exceed 12 children in the 2's)
3's/4's - -1 teacher to 9 or 10 children (Not to exceed 20 children in the 3's and 4's)

Phone: 803.831.5043
Fax: 803.831.5042
Email: preschool@rhcconline.org

103 Hamilton's Ferry Road, Lake Wylie, SC 29710

Event When Details
Preschool Registration is Open! Thu Mar 31, 2016-Thu Sept 1, 2016 More

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